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Are Accessories Essential? Personalised Phone Cases becoming the 2018 trend!

Just like you right now, everyone is scrolling their way through life. So why do the majority of girls own a personalised phone case? Accessories are key to making any day to day outfit complete, so dressing the phone glued to our hands seems to be the perfect idea to give your look that extra edge. Well, that’s appears to be what the majority of young people seem to be thinking across the world. But the trend has since grown to more than a cute picture of your boyfriend on the back of your phone. The most popular accessory dominating the Instagram world today is the initials case.


We constantly see our names everyday in the form of a Facebook profile or Instagram handle so why are people going out of their way to buy a product with their initials on it? Who knows! But like most trends, if it looks pretty and your friends have it… you need it. Fashion titans around the world quickly caught on to the trend with big names such as Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevinge and Kylie Jenner being snapped clutching on to their personalised goods. Whilst most people can’t afford the the high price tag of some of the items on the market, lots of independent brands and retail stores offer a range of personalised mobile cases. SHOP NOW!


If you Instagram feed is anything like ours, you’ll know that the tend doesn’t stop there, as the accessory world went all things marble. Yes, that right! The very pattern used to decorate our walls, floors even kitchen worktops can now be found on the back of our iPhones. The marble initial phone case took the personalisation game to the next level. The sleek design of marble paired with your very own initials create a unique item that is personal to it’s owner. Available in a range of colours and patterns the cases began to explode around the world. SHOP NOW!


Marble phone case with initials are growing evermore popular amongst girls and boys across the world with the brands such as NIEVUS creating unique designs such as the rose gold and marble phone case. GET IT NOW! With fashion brands creating monogrammed phone cases that are being posted online each and everyday, the hype that has taken the fashion world by storm shows now signs of slowing down!

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